US Department of Health chief: we don’t see COVID-19 spikes in opening areas

At the same time, Alex Azar said that there could be no single approach to opening territories.

American authorities do not see spikes in coronavirus cases in places where socio-economic life is resuming, but they do see them in some areas that remain closed.

Health Minister Alex Azar stated on Sunday.

“We see that in those places that are opened, there is no surge in the incidence of diseases. At the same time, we still see spikes in some areas that are close to much-localized situations,” he said, speaking on the “Situation in the country” program on CNN.

Azar said that the local authorities are responsible for deciding on opening.

“These decisions are much localized. There should not be a single approach to opening up, but we should open up because it is not a question of what is more important: health or economy? This is a question of the relationship between health and sanity,” he said, noting that delays in the opening are also fraught with serious consequences for health.

When asked to comment on photos from some parts of the country where people gather at bars or just gather in one place, Azar called it the cost of freedom.

“I think in each particular example, you can see people who act irresponsibly. This is part of the freedom we have here in America,” Alex Azar said.

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