US bombers conducted a “deterrence” flight in the Middle East

US B-52H strategic bombers flew over the Middle East to “deter aggression” and demonstrate to partners the readiness to deploy military forces in the region, Free News reports, citing a statement on the US Central Command.

“The non-stop mission with minimal notification was intended to emphasize the commitment of the US military to regional partners, as well as to confirm the ability to deploy combat forces anywhere in the world quickly,” quotes the text of the message.

The US Department said that potential opponents should understand “that no country on Earth is better prepared or able to deploy additional combat forces quickly in the face of any aggression.”

It is noted that the flight of two bombers took place on December 9-10 from Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana and lasted about 36 hours.

The message from the US Central Command did not specify who exactly the mission was supposed to contain. According to Free News, with reference to NBC News, we are talking about Iran.

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