US authorities have tightened the rules for issuing green cards living on benefits

The US administration issued an order on Monday tightening the rules for issuing green cards (the right of permanent residence in the US) to those foreigners who, according to the US authorities, are likely to rely on state benefits. This was announced on Monday at a briefing for journalists in the White House acting Director of the Service for citizenship and immigration at the Ministry of internal security Ken Cuccinelli.

“The rules prevent foreigners who are likely to become state-supported individuals from coming to the United States and receiving a green card,” he said.

According to Cucсinelli, the new document gives a clear definition of a person who is on the maintenance of the state – is “a person who receives one or more benefits from the state for more than 12 months for a period of 36 months.” “Receiving two different benefits for the same month will be regarded as two months” of receiving benefits, he also said.

In deciding whether to grant the right to reside in the United States, the authorities will now seek to determine the likelihood that a person can become a “burden to society.” Those who did not meet the criteria would be denied entry, and immigrants already residing in the country who could not prove their financial independence would not be able to extend their stay. “This rule will apply, from the point of view of the Service for citizenship and immigration, almost 400 thousand people a year,” — said Cucсinelli.