US authorities have begun the process of establishing a consulate in Western Sahara

According to US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo, “right now,” the “virtual presence post” begins to operate.

The United States authorities have begun a process aimed at establishing a full-fledged American consulate in Western Sahara. This was announced on Thursday by Secretary of State Michael Pompeo.

“By the statement of the President [of the United States Donald], The State Department announces the beginning of the process for the establishment of a US consulate in the region, ” Pompeo said in a statement issued by the press service of the US Foreign Ministry.

“Right now, we are opening a virtual presence post for Western Sahara, whose activities will focus on promoting economic and social development, which will soon be followed by the appearance of a fully functioning consulate,” Pompeo added. He explained that the US Embassy in Rabat would manage the work of the “virtual presence” point.

“We will continue to support political negotiations to resolve issues between Morocco and the POLISARIO as part of Morocco’s plan for autonomy [of the region],” Pompeo concluded.

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