US Attorney General stated about “foreign meddling” in the protests

US Attorney General William Barr said “foreign interference” in the protests to escalate violence in the country. Mass demonstrations in the United States began after the death of African-American George Floyd. He died after being severely detained by the police.

“We see foreign actors playing for all sides to exacerbate the violence,” Mr. Barr said at a news conference. However, he did not specify which countries he was referring. According to him, extremist groups and participants with different political beliefs were also involved in incitement and violence during the protests.

The Prosecutor General said that as a result of protests in the United States since May 30, 114 law enforcement officers were injured, 22 employees were hospitalized. Most of those in the hospital have serious head injuries.
On June 3, the Minnesota Attorney General reclassified the charge against police officer Derek Chauvin in the case of Floyd’s death from third-degree murder (negligent) to second-degree murder (without intent in the Commission of a felony). Three other police officers involved in the arrest were charged with incitement to murder and aiding and abetting.

Author: Steve Cowan
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