US airbase in Iraq was subjected to a missile attack

A missile attacked the American military base of Ein al-Assad in Western Iraq. FREE News reported.

US officials later confirmed the fact of the attack on the US military base in Iraq, reports Free News. According to him, there is no information about the victims or damage because of the missile attack.

On January 3, the US military destroyed the head of the special forces “Quds” of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps, General Qasem Suleimani, in a missile attack on the airport in Baghdad. US President Donald Trump gave the order of destruction.

Iran, in turn, promised to avenge the death of General Suleimani, to which the head of the White House promised to impose new sanctions. After that, Tehran finally withdrew from the JCPOA, and the authorities prepared 13 scenarios of revenge. In addition, the Iranian Parliament passed a law on equating all US military to terrorists.

Renewed. Iranian television reports that 80 US army soldiers were killed in attacks on US military bases. Earlier, the authorities of this country said that there were no victims among American soldiers.

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