US air traffic controllers received a message threatening a terrorist attack in response to the murder of Suleimani

Air traffic controllers in New York received a message threatening to carry out a terrorist attack in the US capital in retaliation for the murder of Iranian General Qasem Suleimani last year. This is reported by CBS News, which had an audio recording of threats.

The message, which sounded on January 4 on the frequencies of American air traffic controllers, says the following: “We will send a plane to the Capitol on Wednesday. Suleimani will be avenged.”

According to CBS, the US government does not consider this threat real but is investigating illegal introduction into aviation frequencies. Nevertheless, all dispatchers were reminded to inform about any deviations of aircraft from their routes immediately.

Sources of the TV channel believe that the date of January 6, announced in the message, was not chosen by chance: on this day, a joint meeting of members of the Senate and House of Representatives will be held in the Capitol, at which the results of the US presidential election will be approved.

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