UPS will deliver drugs to remote villages with drones

UPS will deliver drugs to remote villages with drones. Prescription drugs will be shipped to Florida, the company said.

The medicine will be delivered by Matternet M2 drones, which can carry payloads weighing up to 2.3 kg over a distance of 20 km.

It is planned that the devices will take off from the territory of the distribution center in central Florida and deliver drugs to several villages located 18 km from the start point.

UAVs will drop cargo 800 m from their destination – next to villages in which a total of 137 thousand people have a stomach. Most of them are senior citizens. There, an employee of the company will pick him up by car. After that, the courier will deliver the medicine to the recipients.

“Our new drone delivery service will help ensure a safe and efficient delivery of drugs to a community of people at risk – residents will be able to receive drugs without leaving their homes”.

UPS press service

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