Updates in Windows 11 won’t be as annoying as they are in Windows 10

Perhaps, when asked what annoys you the most about Windows 10, many will name updates. These updates appear at the most inconvenient moment, and their installation is a real roulette, because sometimes it takes about 5 minutes, but often for an eternity. And all this time you cannot work or just watch your favorite TV series. But with the new Windows 11 operating system, Microsoft seems to have worked on this issue.

So, Windows 11 testers have announced a new OS feature – it will now tell you how long the update will take, so you can better manage your time and, if necessary, postpone the update overnight.

So, the guys from gHacks started a stopwatch and found out that their update was installed in just 1 minute, although the menu indicated 5 minutes. We hope Microsoft will finalize the counter, and its calculations will be more correct.

At the same time, journalists from Windows Central do not have this counter at all – it seems that it does not work for everyone.

We will remind, also during the presentation of Windows 11 in Microsoft promised that updates will be 40% less and will be installed faster than updates for previous versions of Windows. In addition, major updates to the new OS will come less frequently – once a year.

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