Updated data on cases of coronavirus in the US

The total number of cases of coronavirus in the United States is close to a million, amounting to almost 973 thousand cases, the number of victims exceeded 55 thousand, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

As of 20.00 Moscow time, a total of 972,969 cases of coronavirus were recorded in the United States, 55,118 patients died, and more than 107 thousand people recovered.

Johns Hopkins University makes calculations based on Federal and regional government data and other information.

Also, today, it became known that THE number of COVID-infected sailors of the US aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt has increased to 955 people, Free News reported, citing the US Navy.

It is added that the Navy for unknown reasons “reset” the statistics of those who recovered: it says about 14 people, although previously reported about 88.

The day before, more than four thousand crew members were put ashore on the island of GUAM, near which the aircraft carrier is located. The rest remain on Board to maintain the ship’s systems, and one serviceman is in the hospital.

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