Update: Vandal smashed Donald Trump’s star on the Walk of Fame

The star of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was smashed with a sledgehammer. The vandal explained his action as a desire to help women who were harassed by the billionaire.

In Hollywood, on the Walk of Fame, a vandal smashed the name star of us presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The man was dressed in a road worker’s uniform and tried to comply with safety regulations. He marked the place of “work” with road hoods with bright stripes and advised casual passers-by to beware of fragments. The police patrol, seeing the diligent “worker,” did not pay attention to what was happening and drove past. None of the passers-by tried to stop him.

It is known that the vandal wanted to pull the star out of the stove and sell it at auction and transfer the proceeds to women who accused Trump of sexual harassment.

The billionaire received a named star in 2007 when his reality show “The Apprentice” was broadcast on American television. The Walk of fame website also celebrates the achievements of the US presidential candidate in the construction and gambling business. Earlier, the Trump star was painted with a swastika and also fenced with a little fence with wire, hinting at the politician’s proposal to close off Mexico behind a large wall.

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