Unrest on the borders of Venezuela. Briefly about the main

Venezuelan authorities announced partial closure of the borders with Brazil and Colombia because of the opposition’s intention to deliver humanitarian aid from the United States. On February 23, clashes broke out at the border between the military and demonstrators, who were trying to deliver humanitarian aid to the country.

– On February 23, the opposition tried to deliver humanitarian aid to Venezuela, the sending of which was advocated by the United States.

– The Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro called the planned delivery of humanitarian aid a provocation and said that instead of the warring States, Russia would deliver food to Venezuela. The Venezuelan foreign Ministry said that the delivery of these goods — “the reason for the war.”

– Riots broke out on the border of Venezuela with Colombia. At least 300 people were injured and two were killed in clashes in Venezuela between the military and demonstrators trying to deliver humanitarian aid to the country. The military used tear gas and rubber bullets against the demonstrators.

– Several trucks with humanitarian aid were burned. The government of Colombia has decided to deploy the rest of the car.

– The Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that Venezuela was severing diplomatic relations with Colombia and was sending some Colombian diplomats out of the country.

– The Red Cross said that false emblems of the organization were seen on the border of Colombia with Venezuela. The representatives of the Red Cross said that this could jeopardize its neutrality and impartiality.

– The US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said that the United States will “take action” against those who prevent the “restoration of democracy” in Venezuela.
– Assistant to the President of the USA John Bolton has threatened new sanctions Caracas.

– The leader of the Venezuelan opposition Juan Guaido called on the international community to be ready to consider all options to resolve the crisis situation in the country.

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