United States to surpass Russia in the list of the world’s most unhappy economies

The United States has surpassed Russia in Bloomberg’s ranking of the most unhappy economies in the world.

When compiling the list, the agency analyzes the indicators of inflation and unemployment, considering them the best indicators of how people live in a particular country.

In total, analysts examined indicators in 60 states. The United States moved from 50th to 25th in the ranking over the year, which indicates a significant deterioration in life in the country. “The United States is in a worse position than Russia and Mexico in the global ranking of the worst economies in 2020,” the agency wrote.

For six years in a row, Venezuela has been recognized as the worst economy in the world, which has been in a serious crisis for several years. As in 2019, Bloomberg named Argentina, South Africa, and Turkey as outsiders.

Thailand and Singapore are among the happiest economies. Over the year, some countries have significantly improved their positions on the list. Among them, the agency names Luxembourg (moved from 30th to 47th place) and China (from 37th to 44th line).

Earlier it was reported that the drop in US GDP in the second quarter of 2020 was 32.9 percent compared to the same period last year. This was the biggest collapse since 1947 when the US authorities began compiling statistics. The country’s unemployment rate was at its highest since the 1930s.

Author: Sam Smith
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