UN urges Poland to grant asylum to refugees

The UN called on Poland to ensure that refugees in the country receive asylum and international protection under international obligations assumed by the state.

“The office of the United Nations High Commissioner for refugees, the UN refugee agency, calls on the government of Poland to ensure that people seeking international protection have access to territory and asylum in Poland in accordance with international obligations accepted by the country,” Free News quotes the statement of the office.

On Thursday, the ECHR ruled that Poland’s refusal to grant asylum to some refugees violated articles of the European Convention on human rights.

The UN, taking note of the decision of the ECHR, offered to help the Polish authorities in fulfilling their obligations.

“Seeking asylum is a fundamental human right that is guaranteed by both EU and international refugee law, including the 1951 refugee Convention signed by Poland,” the organization stressed.
At the end of 2017, the European Commission (EC) sued Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic for failing to meet national quotas agreed with the EU for accepting migrants.

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