UN: Taliban violates its human rights promises

The High Commissioner for Human Rights pointed out violations of fundamental rights, in particular, against women and girlsю

The Taliban is violating its public promises to respect the rights of Afghans, including women and girls, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet said on Monday.

According to her, Afghanistan is in a “new and dangerous phase” since the Taliban came to power last month.

“Contrary to the Taliban’s assurances that they will respect women’s rights, women have been gradually excluded from the public sphere for the last three weeks,” she said, speaking at the Human Rights Council in Geneva.

Bachelet also expressed concern about the composition of the Taliban government, noting the lack of women in it and the predominance of ethnic Pashtuns.

Bachelet noted that in some regions, girls over the age of 12 were banned from attending school, and women were told to stay at home, which recalls the repressive rule of the Taliban in the period 1996-2001.

Bachelet also pointed to the violation of the promise of amnesty for former civil servants and security personnel associated with the previous government and the ban on house searches.

She added that the UN received many reports of searches in the homes of those who collaborated with American companies and the armed forces, and some UN employees report increased attacks and threats.

According to Bachelet, reliable reports of reprisals against former Afghan soldiers were received.

Bachelet called for the creation of a mechanism to monitor the human rights situation in Afghanistan. “I once again call on the Council to take bold and decisive measures appropriate to the seriousness of this crisis,” she said.

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