UN: Earth temperature in 2020 became the highest in 3 million years

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres made a video presentation at the Petersberg Climate Dialogue international conference. He stated that the Earth’s temperature in 2020 reached its highest in 3 million years.

Earth’s temperature in 2020 reached a record high in 3 million years. It looks like the commitments that countries have made to reduce greenhouse gas emissions may not be enough to save the planet from climate disaster. This was stated by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres.

Let us remind you that the commitments, which Guterres recalled, were accepted by the countries within the framework of the Paris Agreement. It was adopted as part of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, which regulates measures to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere from 2020.

According to the UN Secretary General, now humanity is “on the brink of an abyss.”

“In line with our current commitments, we are still heading towards a catastrophic 2.4-degree rise in temperature by the end of the century. We are on the edge of an abyss, ”he warned.

“But if we work together, we can prevent the worst effects of climate destabilization and use the recovery from the pandemic to embark on a cleaner, greener path of development,” Guterres said.

The UN Secretary General also called on international credit agencies to stop financing large fossil fuel projects, which, he said, are no longer economic investments.

UN Secretary General António Guterres also noted in his speech that the G7 countries must make “substantial” commitments to finance the fight against climate change and even double them.

Earlier, Drew Shindell, professor of climatology at Duke University in the United States, said that in this decade, humanity needs to take urgent measures to reduce methane emissions.

“To meet the global climate targets, we must reduce our methane emissions and also urgently reduce our carbon dioxide emissions,” Shindell said. “The good news is that most of the necessary actions are not only beneficial for the climate, but also for health and finance, and all the necessary technologies are already available.”

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