Uma Thurman dates with architect Peter Sabbet

Uma Thurman is no longer alone. According to Page Six, the star has been in a relationship with architect Peter Sabbet for several months. The source says the actress met him by chance on the beach this summer in Sag Harbor. At the same time, the architect did not know that Thurman was a Hollywood star.

Peter then did not even know who Uma Thurman was. She was walking along the beach near him, and he asked a stranger to look after his dog while he went for a swim. Uma agreed and sat with the dog. And now, a few months later, they are madly in love with each other and are looking for a house in the Hamptons for living together, – the insider shared.

Thurman, 50, has been living in the Hamptons for several months with three children. The actress has two children from Ethan Hawke – 18-year-old Levon and 22-year-old Maya, as well as 8-year-old daughter Luna from French businessman Arpad Busson.

Uma was also married to Gary Oldman and dated businessman Andre Balansh. In an interview, Thurman told how she endured a divorce:

I know what it’s like to wake up in 10 years, be alone again, and realize that your plan has failed. I must accept responsibility for the ruin of my marriage. If I blame anyone for this, I won’t feel better.

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