Ukraine threatened Iran with court in case of unsuccessful negotiations on Boeing

Kyiv will sue Tehran in international courts in the event of unsuccessful negotiations on compensation for the downing of the Boeing of “International Airlines of Ukraine” near Tehran in January, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba said at a briefing on Friday.

“Of course, if negotiations with Iran are unsuccessful, we will go to international courts, and I have absolutely no doubt that we will bring Iran to justice and Iran will pay all the necessary compensation. But this is the plan “B,” and plan” A” is negotiations with Iran on resolving all issues and paying compensation,” Kuleba said.

He noted that the parties agreed on the next round of negotiations.

“Based on the results of yesterday’s talks with Iran and the results of the morning meeting, I am cautiously optimistic,” the Minister said, noting that he saw Iran’s mood for a substantive conversation. Kuleba added that Kyiv is ready for any development.

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