Ukraine said that Iran is not going to negotiate compensation for the downed plane

Iran is not going to negotiate with Ukraine regarding the payment of compensation to relatives of victims of the crash of the flight “International Airlines of Ukraine.” The Iranian government rejected the Ukrainian side’s offer to start the process. Deputy Foreign Minister Yevgeny Enin in an interview with the BBC announced.

According to him, Ukraine immediately sent a note with a proposal to start negotiations after information appeared in the media about Iran’s readiness to pay compensation.

“Just today, we received communication from Tehran that the Iranian side is not ready to accept Kyiv’s offer for negotiations,” Enin said.

He noted that it is too early to talk about specific amounts of compensation.

“The fact is that the determination of the amount is the result of a very comprehensive examination, taking into account all the circumstances of the case. We sincerely hope that the Iranian side, under the influence of some factors, will agree to start the negotiation process as soon as possible,” the Deputy Foreign Minister said.

The UIA plane was shot down by the Iranian military on January 8, 2020, while taking off near the Tehran airport. The victims of the plane crash were 176 people. In early July, the countries of the victims of the UIA plane crash signed a Memorandum according to which Ukraine was authorized to negotiate with Iran on compensation payments. Later, Swedish foreign Minister Anna Linde said that Iran had agreed to pay compensation to relatives of the victims of the crash.