Ukraine has promised not to allow the completion of the “Nord stream-2”

Kyiv can stop gas transit after the end of contact with Gazprom in 2025, if by this time, Russia will complete gas pipelines bypassing Ukraine, said the CEO of the operator of the gas transport system (GTS) of Ukraine Sergey Makogon. In this regard, Kyiv will hinder the “Nord stream-2.”

“It is obvious that if Gazprom completes “Nord stream-2,” the capacity of the Ukrainian GTS will become excessive for it. I see no reason for Gazprom to extend gas transit through Ukraine beyond 2025, although our transit tariffs are competitive,” Mr. Makogon said.

According to him, Ukraine has already lost 15 billion cubic meters of annual transit after the launch of the first line of the “Turkish stream.” After launching the second thread, the country will lose the same amount. When the construction of “Nord stream-2” is completed, Kyiv will lose the remaining 50 billion cubic meters.

Sergei Makogon promised to make “maximum efforts” to prevent the completion of “Nord stream-2,” as this project “has a clear political character and goes against the European principles of solidarity.”

Recall that at the end of 2019, due to US sanctions, the Swiss Allseas Group SA suspended work on the construction of the Nord stream-2 and withdrew its pipe-laying vessels from the Baltic Sea. Energy Minister Alexander Novak said that Russia would be able to complete the gas pipeline on its own. Now it is more than 90% built.

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