UK: The last words of a patient dying from COVID-19 shocked his family

In the UK, a man dying of COVID-19, out of fear of death, asked his family not to put him into a coma, writes The Daily Mail.

Leon Bowes, 40, and his common-law wife, 38-year-old Nicola Jennison, self-isolated in early November after contracting the coronavirus.

According to Jennison, her boyfriend did not have any serious health problems; he hardly drank or smoked. Bose initially showed no symptoms of infection, but his condition subsequently worsened, and he was hospitalized.

Bose was connected to a ventilator, spent the next four weeks in intensive care, during which time he was twice diagnosed with pneumonia, and the man’s kidneys also began to fail. At the same time, doctors estimated his chance of survival at one per cent.

“His last words addressed to me were:” Don’t put me to sleep, I won’t wake up. “It was so heartbreaking to hear,” – said Jennison.

Jennison noted that she could not understand how it all happened.

“He never smoked, never drank, never went out, was always so careful, but now he is gone,” she added.

Over the past day in the UK, 54 990 people were infected with coronavirus, 454 people died. In total, the coronavirus in the country since the beginning of the pandemic has been confirmed in 2 654 779 people, 75 024 cases have died.

The British authorities previously raised the restriction to the maximum level in several more regions of England. Also, they increased the level of threat in other parts of the country due to the rapid spread of the new COVID-19 strain.

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