UK develops second contact tracking app

UK authorities are developing a second contact tracking application. This time they plan to use Apple and Google technologies, which do not involve centralized data storage.

In the UK, they decided to remake their application for tracking contacts of people with suspected coronavirus. Now they plan to introduce a joint solution between Apple and Google. According to the Financial Times, the government turned to companies to find out if they can integrate their development into their application.

As users found out, the first application announced by the UK authorities was to use a centralized architecture – this caused their concerns about privacy violations. Experts noted that despite the fact that the application is voluntary, the authorities will not be able to ensure complete anonymity of the data. They are sure that the state will inevitably gain access to much more information than just contacts with other users of the application.

At the same time, Apple and Google use a completely different method. According to the developers, the program will not use geolocation data but will be able to work using the technology of Bluetooth wireless personal networks. In addition, it does not imply the use of user data for targeted advertising.

However, this method cannot be implemented in applications that store data on a centralized server or allow users to track location. Apple and Google say they put user safety first.

Earlier, the UK authorities found that 52% of the citizens surveyed will install an application on smartphones that will notify them of the approach of people infected with the coronavirus.

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