UFC fighter Mike Perry hit an elderly man in a restaurant in Texas. Video

28-year-old American fighter Mike Perry, performing in the UFC welterweight, became a member of a scandal, according to MMA Fighting.

Being in one of the restaurants in Texas (USA), the athlete came into a verbal conflict with one of the elderly men, and an unknown woman tried to get him out of the restaurant. Perry shouted to the man, “I will knock your old a.. out” before striking, which seemed to knock his opponent down.

Texas State Police confirmed the identity to a man whose name is – Michael Joseph Perry – and the date is similar to the alleged July 7 attack in the same place where Perry’s girlfriend resides and where the UFC fighter was preparing for his last the battle.

Perry commented on Twitter, saying, “No comment,” when the video was already viral.

According to police, there were three injured in the alleged attack. Perry was interrogated at the scene, but not arrested. The charge indicated on Perry’s record was a Class A attack, that is, an offense. Perry will have to appear in court and may be fined $ 500.

The man Perry allegedly beaten was taken to the hospital. Witnesses indicated that the fighter drank mojito and hit the victim after being asked to leave the restaurant.


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