UEFA in March to decide on the admission of spectators to the matches of Euro 2020

UEFA will decide in early March whether fans will be able to sit in the stands during the European Football Championship matches, said Alexei Sorokin, CEO of the Euro 2020 organizing committee in St. Petersburg.

On Tuesday, a meeting of the regional committee on preparations for Euro 2020 was held in St. Petersburg.

“Three scenarios will be developed, this applies equally to all cities. An extremely undesirable scenario for us – without spectators. There is a scenario with a full scale. And there is also an intermediate option with a restriction on the number of spectators in the stands. What will be the limitation, we will find out in early March when UEFA will decide on the format of the European Championship. To date, no fundamental decisions by UEFA have been observed. Most likely, the decision will be timed to coincide with the executive committee, “Sorokin said by telephone.

Sorokin specified that St. Petersburg would be ready for any of the championship scenarios.

“We have a full understanding, developed over the years of joint organization of major events, – he added. – We have no misunderstanding with the city. We are preparing for different scenarios, but we hope, of course, for a full-scale implementation. We hope that the pandemic will fade away, and vaccination will allow us to enjoy football to the fullest. “

The European Championship, which retains the name Euro 2020, will be held in 12 European cities, including St. Petersburg, from June 11 to July 11, 2021.

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