U.S. Army plans to create mind reading platform

As reported by C4ISRNET, the US Army is funding a project to promote neuroscience research. It aims to create a mind-reading system that will allow soldiers to communicate on the battlefield.

The US military is determined to explore the prospects for an experimental telepathy project and its potential applications in the future war. To speed up the process, the Office of Army Research (ARO) has allocated $ 6.25 million to research over the next five years.

According to experts, this mind-reading technology development may take about 20 years, but the military takes this initiative very seriously. ARO neuroscientists have already announced that they have learned to decode and analyze neuronal signals produced by the brain.

Isolating individual signals is not mind reading in the literal sense of the word. Yet, it is a breakthrough in identifying individual messages’ meaning and purpose to enable computers to interpret them.

Using a special algorithm and complex mathematics, the ARO researchers were able to tag which brain signals were working to direct movement related to behavior. They managed to separate these two types of signals from other messages.

Ultimately, scientists want to create a system in which computers give soldiers’ brains based on their thoughts. The goal is to correct behavior in life-threatening situations. Silent communication between field soldiers will be the next logical step in developing mind-reading systems in war.

Scientists are now experimenting with laboratory monkeys to collect and compare samples of their brain signals. The technology is still in its infancy, but experts at ARO believe the situation will change in the coming decades.

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