Two US bases in Japan introduced isolation mode

The isolation regime was imposed on the US military bases “Camp Hansen” and “Futenma” located in the southern Japanese prefecture of Okinawa, where there were cluster foci of COVID-19 infection, the Kyodo news agency reported, citing the prefectural authorities.

“Lockdown has been imposed on two US naval bases in Okinawa (strict isolation mode),” the agency reports.

According to his data, 61 cases of infection with a new coronavirus infection have been detected at US bases in Okinawa to date. As noted by the Governor of the Prefecture, Denny Tamaki, some US military on the occasion of Independence Day, which is celebrated on July 4, held parties in cities and on beaches.

“We have serious doubts about the measures (taken by the US military) aimed at preventing the spread of the virus,” Tamaki said.

On Friday, the US military command resumed restrictions on movement for military personnel and employees of US bases in Japan due to an increase in diseases at the headquarters. They are again prohibited from using public transport, and restrictions on visiting restaurants and cafes have been introduced.