Two US aircraft carriers conducted exercises in the South China Sea

The US aircraft carriers Nimitz and Ronald Reagan, as well as their accompanying ships, conducted exercises in the South China Sea, the US Pacific Command said.

A Boeing B-52 Stratofortress strategic bomber also took part in the exercise.

The US military has traditionally reported that the exercises are intended to show the US commitment to stability in the Indo-Pacific region.

Earlier, China announced its intention to conduct military exercises near the Parcels Islands in the South China Sea on July 1-5. The Islands, which are controlled by Beijing, are disputed territory between China, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

According to the US Navy’s Seventh fleet, before being transferred to the South China Sea, aircraft carriers conducted joint exercises in the Philippine Sea. In itself, doing operations in the Pacific by such forces is rare for the US Navy; they take place approximately once every four years. The last time was in 2018.

On Thursday, the Pentagon expressed concern about the Chinese exercises. According to the Ministry, conducting military activities in the disputed area of the South China Sea is “counterproductive to efforts to reduce tension and maintain stability” in the region.