Two-time NBA champion volunteered to replace injured Rondo in LA Lakers

Point guard Mario Chalmers has expressed his willingness to replace the injured Rajon Rondo in Los Angeles Lakers during the restart of the season in the NBA.

“It seems the Lakers need a point guard. I waited patiently and worked, ” Chalmers wrote in the comments on the news about Rondo’s injury on Twitter.

Rondo, 34, was injured during a Lakers Sunday training session in Orlando, where he will restart the 2019/20120 season. Initially, the damage was reported to be serious. The survey confirmed the concerns. Rondo’s finger surgery is scheduled for this week. Rondo will miss the remaining matches of the NBA regular season and will be able to return to the site only at the beginning of the playoffs.

Chalmers previously twice became the champion of the NBA, along with the current leader of the “Lakers” Lebron James in the “Miami Heat”. The 34-year-old player spent season 2019/20 in the Greek AEK.

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