Two passenger Aircraft nearly collided in the sky above Russia

It became known that three weeks ago, on June 10, Siberia and Emirates passenger aircraft nearly collided in the sky over the Rostov region in Russia.

The dispatcher took measures to prevent dangerous rapprochement and collision, giving the command to the crew of Siberia to reduce to echelon 360 and turn to the right. Emirates pilots got the same command. However, there was a hitch. Since the teams continued in English, the Siberia pilots did not immediately pay attention to them, taking them for background negotiations.

Dispatcher: «Siberia 2126, descent to FL360 due traffic immediately. Siberia descent to FL 360 immediately due to traffic. Siberia 2126, turn right 050 degrees.».

Siberia: «Right Heading 050 degrees, descending FL360, Siberia 2126».

Dispatcher: «Emirates 160, turn 50 degrees»

Emirates: «Turn right 50 degrees, Emirates 160»

Dispatcher: «Siberia 2126, expedite descent»

Siberia «Expedite descent, Siberia 2126»

According to the data, 150 meters vertical and 7.2 km horizontal (or approximately 15–20 seconds) remained before the collision.