Two new dinosaur species discovered in China

Scientists have discovered fossils of three dinosaurs in northwestern China. They represent two new species, according to new research. The results are published in Scientific Reports.

Researchers analyzed fossil fragments (vertebrae and thorax) previously found in the Turfan-Hami basin (Xinjiang, China). They are dated to the Early Cretaceous period – about 130-120 million years ago. Scientists They compared the features of the remains with other sauropod dinosaurs from China and elsewhere. It turned out that the fossil remains belong to the first vertebrates found in this region. New evidence is shedding new light on sauropods in China.

Scientists identified one of the specimens as a new species – Silutitan sinensis. Several characteristics of the cervical vertebrae indicate that the dinosaur belonged to the sauropod family. Known as Euhelopodidae, they were previously only found in East Asia.

The second specimen also belonged to a new species – Hamititan xinjiangensis. Scientists have found seven vertebrae from the tail. After analyzing them, the authors made several conclusions. First, the shape and ridges along the vertebrae suggest that the dinosaur belonged to the sauropod family known as titanosaurs. They mainly lived in Asia and South America. Secondly, according to scientists, the length of the specimen was 17 meters. He was also related to Rapetosaurus and Opisthocoelicaudia.

The third specimen found is presumably a somphospondyl sauropod. This group of dinosaurs lived from the Late Jurassic (160 million years ago) to the Late Cretaceous (66 million years ago).

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