Two Americans released in Yemen

White House adviser O’Brien said the remains of another American would also be returned to the US.

Two US citizens held by Houthi rebels in Yemen have been released, Omani state media reported.

The release may have been part of a prisoner exchange, given that Oman sent planes to Sana to return 250 Yemeni citizens from Oman and other countries.

“At the direction of Sultan Haysam bin Tariq, the Sultanate’s relevant authorities contacted the authorities in Sana, who agreed to release the Americans and hand them over to the Sultanate before they go home,” Omani television said.

The US welcomed the release of two of its citizens, Sandra Loli and Mikael Gidada, from the custody of Houthi rebels, noting that the remains of Bilal Fatin will also be repatriated. US national security adviser Robert O’Brien announced this.

Humanitarian worker Loli was jailed for three years, while businessman Gidada was jailed for one year.

O’Brien thanked Sultan Haysam bin Tariq al-said of Oman and King Salman of Saudi Arabia to free US citizens.

“President Donald Trump continues to prioritize the release and repatriation of Americans who were held as hostages abroad,” he said.