Two American police officers committed suicide after storming the Capitol

According to the Washington Post, two police officers committed suicide after riots on the territory of the Capitol, citing the head of the Washington police, Robert Conti.

Earlier, police officials told the Washington Post that 51-year-old American policeman Howard Liebengood, who witnessed the Capitol’s riots, committed suicide. During a speech before the beginning of a closed meeting of the Appropriations Committee on Tuesday, Conti confirmed this information and said that Liebengud died on January 9.

According to the chief of police, Jeffrey Smith became the second police officer. He committed suicide on January 15th. According to Conti, Smith had been on patrol for 12 years.

According to the newspaper, on January 6, the Washington police sent 850 police officers, almost a quarter of their forces, to save the Capitol from the crowd that stormed it. Another 250 controlled the situation in the surrounding area. He added that the agency’s preliminary estimates cost the district $ 8.8 million to secure the city centre in the week after the riots.

“This attack on the Capitol exposed weaknesses in the security system of the safest city in the country,” Conti said during his speech.

He added that many aspects would have to be revised to counter the new threats of domestic terrorism, including training, which currently “does not involve and does not prepare” officers for “hours of hand-to-hand combat.” He also apologized to lawmakers for “mistakes” that allowed the crowd to enter the congressional building, noting that the police department should have been better prepared for the attack.

On January 6, US President Donald Trump supporters stormed the Capitol after the Trump rally in Washington; Congress was interrupted for several hours. As a result of the riots, a demonstrator and a policeman were killed, and three more died from causes unrelated to violence. After law enforcement authorities removed the rioters from the congressional building, the congressmen approved the victory in the last presidential election of Democrat Joe Biden.

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