Two Algerians suspected of terrorism have been detained in Barcelona

It is assumed that the men were in a cell that planned a terrorist attack in Barcelona.

In Barcelona on Tuesday morning, two Algerians were detained in counter-terrorism raid, according to Catalan police.

According to a police statement, the detainees were members of a now-destroyed cell that has been under investigation since 2017. It is believed that the terrorists planned attacks using explosives in Barcelona – the second largest city in Spain.

“The investigation allowed us to determine the areas where the terrorist cell planned to operate, as well as to determine that the group had already begun to gain the capacity to manufacture explosive devices and obtain the military weapons necessary to carry out the attack,” the police said.

The activities of jihadist groups have remained a priority for the Spanish police since, in August 2017, Islamist militants drove a van into a crowd of pedestrians on Ramblas Boulevard in Barcelona, and then carried out another attack in another municipality. A total of 16 people were killed in the attacks.

In May, police arrested a Moroccan man in Barcelona suspected of links to the Islamic State and planning a terrorist attack.

According to the interior Ministry, 16 suspected jihadists were arrested in Spain between the beginning of the year and July 5.