Twitter will correct politician posts with errors

The social network Twitter will correct the publication of politicians with errors and reduce their potential reach. In addition, the administration will add comments to them explaining what exactly in the original tweet is a lie.

witter is testing a new feature that will highlight and correct the “misleading publications” of politicians, public figures, and celebrities. The function introduces several types of misinformation – red and orange icons in the publication, which the company considered “harmful misinformation”.

Judging by the screenshots, under the warning will post tweets verified by the Twitter administration fact checkers, journalists and other users who will receive certain levels of authority. They will contain comments explaining what exactly in the original tweet is a lie.

Twitter update

The administration of Twitter explained that this is only one of the functions of the new policy of the platform to combat disinformation. “We are exploring several ways to combat misinformation and create more context for tweets,” Twitter said. “Disinformation is a critical issue, and we will test several ways to solve it at the same time.”

Twitter will also introduce another feature that will allow users to earn points and badges to help moderate the platform. According to NBC News, in the demo version that the journalists saw, users were asked to evaluate how “probable” or “unlikely” the facts were in certain publications.

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