Twitter will additionally protect the accounts of American media and politicians

Twitter will provide additional protection to the accounts of politicians in the United States, according to the company’s corporate blog.

New measures will be introduced for accounts belonging to members of the Executive and legislative branches of government in the United States, governors, secretaries of state of the United States, headquarters of presidential candidates, parties, and candidates for seats in the House of Representatives and the Senate. Also, the accounts of American media and political journalists will receive additional protection.

These accounts will require you to use “strong” passwords that can’t be easily picked up. By default, the password change protection feature will be added to your accounts. Also, accounts will be “strongly recommended” for two-factor identification.

Twitter is looking for ways to protect the accounts of famous people after more than 40 accounts were hacked in July by hackers who tried to convince users to transfer cryptocurrency to third-party accounts, after which the funds could not be tracked or returned.