Twitter wants to team up with TikTok

Recently, the TikTok service has been on the rumor not only for its strange videos gaining popularity but also against the background of the confrontation with the United States and President Donald Trump.

Last week it became known that Microsoft is thinking about buying a TikTok business outside of China. Now it turns out that potential buyers include no less well-known companies: Twitter has also entered into negotiations and wants to merge with TikTok.

The Wall Street Journal, citing its own sources, writes that Twitter had a preliminary discussion of a potential merger with TikTok. We are talking about the American division of TikTok, but the details of the deal and what should come of it are unknown.

It looks like when it comes to buying – Twitter will not do without the help of investors. After all, according to rumors, Microsoft is ready to give more than $30 billion for TikTok, and Twitter’s market capitalization is “only” $29 billion.

Representatives of TikTok and Twitter have not yet commented on this information.

Recall that the day before yesterday Donald Trump signed a decree blocking TikTok in the United States. The US authorities suspect that the service may transfer user data to the Chinese government, although TikTok denies this. The decision will go into effect on September 15, although the social network seems to be able to avoid blocking if another company acquires it.