Twitter sues Texas Attorney General

Twitter has filed a lawsuit against the Attorney General of the US state of Texas, Ken Paxton, who demanded an investigation into the technology giant “in retaliation” for blocking ex-President Donald Trump in this social network, the Texas Tribune newspaper reports.

Paxton, days after blocking Trump’s Twitter account in January, filed civil investigative claims against five companies and social networks: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, and Amazon Web Services. Thus, he wanted to learn about the procedures used to regulate posts in social networks and user accounts.

The disclosure of such information, Twitter said in the lawsuit, “jeopardizes the company’s ability to moderate content on the platform effectively.” The application was filed in federal court in California on Monday; the company asked the court to prohibit the Texas Attorney General from investigating it.

Twitter hopes that the court has decided to temporarily prohibit Paxton and employees of the Prosecutor General’s Office from requiring documents about the company’s decision-making processes, including blocking users.

The company stressed that it intends to prevent Paxton from “unlawfully abusing power… to intimidate, harass, and attack Twitter in response to the company’s use of its First Amendment rights.” The statement also claims that Paxton’s “retaliatory” investigation violated this amendment, which guarantees freedom of speech.

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