Twitter shares plunge after Trump account blocked

According to trading data, shares of Twitter in preliminary trading in the United States on Monday fell in price by more than 8% after blocking the account of the current American President Donald Trump.

The company’s shares were down 7.89% to $ 47.42 in pre-trading. Minutes earlier, the drop reached 8.3%.

On January 9, the social network Twitter froze Trump’s account permanently due to “the risk of further incitement to violence.” Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks also blocked access to Trump’s profiles for various periods of time earlier in January. The reason for such measures was the appeal of the US President to the protesters, who on January 6 staged a pogrom in the US Congress building. Trump is due to step down on January 20, and Joe Biden, who was elected in November, will take over as president.

According to US media, Trump will make a statement later on Monday regarding the blocking of his accounts’ social networks.

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