Twitter Shares Down Nearly 4% After Trump Account Banned

Twitter shares fell 3.77 per cent to $ 49.54 amid blocking the incumbent US President Donald Trump’s account, FOXBusiness reported.

On the eve of Twitter blocked the American leader’s personal page because of the “risk of incitement to violence.” Later, in the President of the United States’ official profile, Trump issued a statement, which says that he will not be silenced. Social media moderators have removed this post. Trump’s campaign account has also been blocked.

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social networks closed access to Trump’s profiles for various periods. The reason for such actions was Trump’s appeals to the protesters. On January 6, they staged a pogrom in the building of the US Congress. Trump called them patriots and insisted the elections were rigged. At the same time, he urged his supporters to behave peacefully, and then condemned their actions.

Later, Twitter announced that they intend to stop Trump’s attempts to bypass his account’s blocking. Simultaneously, access to the @POTUS and @WhiteHouse profiles will not be suspended, but measures will be taken to restrict their use.

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