Twitter security team led by hacker from L0pht and the “Cult of the Dead Cow”

One of the world’s most renowned network security experts, a member of the L0pht hacker groups and the Dead Cow Cult, Peyter Zatko, has become the head of Twitter’s security service. It is reported by NBC.

Zatko is known by the hacker pseudonym Mudge. He is one of the key members of the Cult of the Dead Cow, a hacker and media group formed in the 1980s, and is also known for his achievements in the L0pht hacker group.

On Twitter, Zatko is slated to oversee everything from technical issues to countering the spread of disinformation. A new employee has 45 to 60 days until he fully takes office.

According to Zatko himself, in the near future he intends to assess the integrity of the site and the platform as a whole, as well as to check the physical and information security. An important part of the preparatory work will be devoted to methods of manipulation or abuse on the social network.

The new employee will report to the company’s CEO Jack Dorsey.

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