Twitter is working on an analogue of Patreon

The social network Twitter plans to introduce a paid subscription. So users can maintain separate accounts and receive exclusive content in return.

The Verge noted that the social network Twitter is in the process of developing a subscription service. Journalists drew attention to the new team that is working on the Gryphon project. As two anonymous employees of the social network told the publication, this is a subscription form for closed materials from individual Twitter users, which will work as a model of the Patreon service.

The Verge did not figure out exactly how this model will work, but the authors of the note suggest that the service will offer users to create closed content that will be available only to paid subscribers. Now the service makes most of its money from advertising and data licensing, and a subscription service could potentially provide exclusive content in exchange for a monthly fee.

Twitter previously investigated the attitude of its users who have long been using a social network to subscribe. A few years ago, the company conducted a study to assess whether Twitter users would pay for analytics, breaking news alerts, or news feeds over the past 24 hours.

Most likely, the social network will focus on the Twitch or Patreon model, where users can subscribe and financially support separate accounts. The Verge turned to Twitter for comment, but they were unable to comment on the information of the journalists.

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