Twitter hid Trump’s email voting messages

Twitter has posted warnings to two messages from US President Donald Trump about voting by mail in the election, saying they violate its rules.

“We have placed a public interest warning on two tweets in this branch for violating the policy of civil unity, namely for calling on people to potentially vote twice,” the Twitter security service said in a statement.

The warning refers to a violation of Twitter’s rules but notes that access to tweets is preserved, as it may be in the public interest. You can quote it, but you can’t like it, reply to it, or retweet it.

It accompanies one message from Trump on September 3, broken down into two tweets, where the President urges voters who vote by mail to send their ballots as soon as possible, and on the day of voting to go to the polling station and make sure that their vote was counted. If it turns out that the vote was not taken into account at the polling station, then Trump called for voting there.

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