Twitter has banned the publication of insults by race, ethnicity and nation

Twitter has introduced new restrictions: now users can not post words “that dehumanize people based on race, ethnicity, and national origin.”

The press release notes that the new site rules are trying to reflect the modern world’s realities, where the focus is on national, interethnic, and racial conflicts. Twitter, the company notes, is trying to combat intolerance offline: it prohibits the publication of a certain series of insults and expressions if it humiliates a specific group of people.

While we encourage people to freely express their opinions on Twitter, insults, harassment, and hate speech are still prohibited in our service.

Twitter Representatives

The company recalled that in July 2019, the rules against destructive behavior were expanded to include expressions that demean human dignity on religious and social grounds. In March 2020, they also added expressions that dehumanize by age, disability, or illness. The latest innovation includes a ban on inciting hatred based on race, ethnicity, and nationality.

Tweets with similar content will be removed from the social network: this process will also be automated. If an account repeatedly violates the rules, then it will either be temporarily blocked or suspended altogether.

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