Twenty One Pilots music video entered the Guinness Book of Records

The musical group Twenty One Pilots broadcast a video for the song Level of Concern. The video was created every 3 minutes 40 seconds from cuts of more than 162 thousand fans. Fans sent their videos to the musicians. The new fragment was glued to the previous one. The video was moderated before publishing. And only then it was glued to the previous one.

As a result, the group got a clip, the duration of which was 4264 hours – that’s almost 178 days. It’s hard to imagine how long this broadcast would have lasted if Twenty One Pilots drummer Josh Dan hadn’t turned off the video, thereby interrupting the recording. Initially, the musicians planned to broadcast the clip indefinitely. On the drummer’s Twitter page, you can see him turn off the broadcast.

Experts from the Guinness Book of Records drew attention to the musicians’ experiment. They admitted that the Twenty One Pilots video was the longest-running music video of all time. Thus, the musicians broke the record for Pharrell Williams. His video for the track Happy lasted exactly one day.

As a reminder, the Twenty One Pilots group launched an interactive “endless” clip in June this year. On December 16, Josh Dunn interrupted the broadcast. Many fans of the group are hoping that the recording will re-launch on Christmas Day on December 25th.

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