Tusk received a request from the British authorities to postpone “Brexit”

Media write that Johnson sent Tusk a copy of the request to delay “Brexit” without a signature, and sent a second letter in which he called “Brexit” a mistake. After the vote in Parliament, the Prime Minister by law had to send a request.

“The extension request has just arrived. I will begin consultations with EU leaders on how to respond,” he wrote.

A BBC source in the British government said that Johnson sent two letters to Brussels: in the first, he asked for a delay in “Brexit” but did not sign it, and in the second, he indicated that a delay in leaving the EU would be a mistake. According to the broadcaster, along with the letters sent an explanatory note from the British Ambassador to the EU Timothy Barrow, which explains that the first letter complies with the law. The Telegraph also writes that Johnson ordered an unsigned copy of the request for a delay to be sent to Brussels.

Earlier on Saturday, Tusk said he expected a letter from Johnson asking him to delay Britain’s exit from the EU. Before that, they had a telephone conversation, during which they discussed the situation after the vote in the House of Commons.

The vote on the agreement, which was reached by Brussels and London, was postponed to Monday.

Author: Flyn Braun
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