Turkish aircraft struck the first blow in Syria during a new operation

The Turkish air force attacked on Monday the headquarters of Kurdish forces, members of the coalition “Forces of Democratic Syria” (FDS), in the city of al-Malikia in the North-Eastern Syrian province of Hasakah. TV channel Al Mayadeen reported.

According to him, the attacks were carried out in the Tell- Tawil area. There were no reports of casualties among Kurdish fighters.

As TV channel reported, Turkish aircraft during the day made intensive flights over the border area and only in the evening attacked the headquarters of the FDS. Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan carried out the raid by the Turkish air force against the backdrop of statements about the imminent start of a military operation against Kurdish groups, which Ankara considers terrorists.

On Monday, the US, which was allied with the FDS in the fight against terrorists from the Islamic State group, began withdrawing troops and equipment from its bases in RAS al-Ain and Tell Abyad. The Kurds regarded these actions as a violation of the guarantees given by Washington to the Kurdish population and warned that the threat from is gangs could intensify after the withdrawal of the United States and its Western coalition allies from Syria.

According to the al Hadath TV channel, Turkey has transferred to the Eastern Bank of the Euphrates the formation of the Syrian armed opposition from Idlib, which is expected to participate in the fighting against the FDS.

Author: Flyn Braun
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