Turkey warns of the possibility of a new offensive in Syria

The Turkish Foreign Minister said that the US and Russia have not fulfilled their obligations under the agreements with Ankara.

Turkey’s Foreign Minister has warned that Ankara could take new action against Kurdish forces in Northern Syria if the US and Russia fail to deliver on their promises and ensure the withdrawal of militias from the border region.

“Have they fully complied with what is required of them under the agreements? No, they did not, but they should,” said Mevlut Cavusoglu, quoted by Anadolu News Agency.

In October, Turkey launched an offensive against the Syrian Kurdish militia, the People’s Protection Units, which Ankara considers terrorists, but which led the fight against the extremist group “Islamic state” with the support of the United States.

After Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s October meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Russia and us Vice President Mike Pence in Ankara, two parallel agreements were reached on the withdrawal of the people’s protection Units from Northern Syria.

“We did what is required under the agreement, but when the actions of [the people’s protection Units] irritated, we did what is necessary,” the Minister said, speaking at a meeting of the parliamentary Committee.

“If we do not achieve the desired result, we will do what is necessary, as before,” Cavusoglu added. – There’s no other way. We must eliminate the terrorist threat near us.”

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