Turkey to suspend military operation in Syria for 120 hours

The US and Turkey have agreed to a temporary ceasefire in Syria. US Vice President Mike Pence stated this. The period agreed by the participants of the discussion will be 120 hours. The Fox News channel reported.

“Turkey will suspend operation Source of peace to allow YPG forces to withdraw to a safe zone for 120 hours. All actions within the framework of operation Source of peace will be suspended, and the operation itself will be completely stopped until the complete withdrawal of Kurdish forces is completed,” the US Vice President said.

After the withdrawal of the Kurdish military, Turkey will finally complete the military operation in Syria. Pence noted that he was satisfied with the negotiations and stressed that new sanctions against Turkey due to operations in Syria will not be imposed by the United States, and the current restrictions can be removed.

US President Donald Trump responded to the agreement on a temporary ceasefire in Northern Syria.

“Great news from Turkey … Millions of lives will be saved,” the US leader wrote.

Author: Flyn Braun
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