Turkey has acquired S-125 SAMS and will use them against Russia, Syria, and Libya

The S-125 Pechora air defense system was purchased by Turkey from Ukraine. Back in December last year, the company “UkrSpetsExport” transferred in favor of K. B. A. T. Ithalat Ihracat Mumessillik Ve Danismanlik Ticaret Ltd one S-125 “Pechora” SAM. In total, Ankara will receive two s-125 Pechora air defense systems under a contract worth $ 30 million. This caused confusion among many analysts.

Experts believe that Ankara intends to use the S-125 Pechora SAM in the Middle East against Russian forces. In particular, against Turkey’s allies in Libya. It is worth noting that Turkey received the S-125 Pechora air defense system upgraded by Ukrainian engineers. They can boast full equipment, including cables, a set of ZIP, and even a pair of 5v27d UD guided missiles, although they are training. Turkey also purchased various radar stations from Kyiv for a total of 11 million dollars. Among the purchased weapons are a pair of MARS-L l-band radars, as well as a P-180U radar.

According to military experts, Kyiv is aware that Turkey can use the purchased weapons not only in Libya but also in Syria. It should be noted that Kyiv did not prohibit Ankara from transferring the purchased weapons to a third party.