Turkey can buy Russian fighters in response to the US refusal to supply it with F-35

The Turkish authorities can buy Russian fighters if the United States will exclude Turkey from the program of creation fighter-bombers of the fifth generation F-35. This was reported by Defense News a senior source in the Turkish armed forces. The interlocutor of the publication noted that Turkey affords to leave the F-35 without replacement.

A source in the Turkish Defense Ministry added that the option of acquiring fighters from Russia is most suitable for Ankara, based on “geostrategic assessments”. “Russian fighter technology would be the first and best choice if our American allies behaved un-ally and questioned Turkey’s participation in the joint program of Joint Strike Fighter,” he said.

Recall, the Pentagon, threatening sanctions and refusal to supply equipment and spare parts for f-35 fighters, trying to prevent the implementation of the contract for the supply of Turkey’s four S-400 systems. A contract worth about $2.5 billion was signed in July 2017. Deliveries were expected in March 2020, but later Ankara and Moscow agreed to speed up the process and start deliveries in the summer of 2019.

Author: Flyn Braun
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